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As celebrants, sisters, and directors of dreams, we are passionate about bringing two fabulous people together in marriage. Our focus is for you both to enjoy every minute of the journey, every step of the way. It should be fun planning the ceremony behind the scenes then sharing all your thoughts, ideas and love with family and friends in any location, at any time.


We love that no two people are the same.  And neither are your vows, ideas, traditions or preferences. We both have open minds and open hearts to whatever it is you visualise for you and your soulmate on your special day. If you need a helping hand with suggestions, or some guidance with readings, vows or the order of the ceremony, then we are here to give you a helping hand.


We've got all the bases covered. Karen has a lifestyle block on the Kapiti Coast and also performs weddings in her beautiful garden. Lisa lives in Wellington, doesn't have a garden, however if it's a beach you're looking for, she's got one right across the road!


We both have wings and will travel anywhere, any time - it's Love on ANY Location.